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SA Code of Conduct April 2013


Angela Doolan, ARONAH chair

The board of the ARONAH has met every month since November last year. ARONAH is now moving from an initial implementation phase into the next stage of development which will establish the standards for education and practice of naturopathy and western herbal medicine in Australia.

The initial implementation phase has required a significant amount of input from the board members, our administrator and legal advisors to establish governance procedures and policies that will ensure sound and fair processes for the successful running of the register. This has been an enormous and innovative undertaking as we are the first, and possibly only, practitioner regulatory group to base our constitution on a combination of both company law and national registration and accreditation scheme legislation.

ARONAH's first major event for 2011 was the information and consultation sessions that were hosted in all capital cities. Much valuable information was gathered at these sessions outlining key concerns and issues of the participants regarding minimum educational standards, practice standards and other industry specific issues. If you missed these sessions you can view the Adelaide information content at youtube at

The information collected at the sessions will be passed on to the sub-committees who will be setting the standards for education and practice. The new sub-committees have been appointed and I am pleased to announce the members are - For Educational Standards - Jane Daley (Chair)(NSW), Michelle Boyd (Vice-Chair)(Qld), Ayesha Amos (Vic), Tessa Finney-Brown (NT), Dr Tini Gruner (NSW), Dr Tom Harris (Qld), Rebecca Hughes (Vic), John Miller-Crispe (NSW), Professor Stephen Myers (NSW), Anita Peirantozzi (Qld), Andre Semens (Vic), Dawn Whitten (Tas), Louise Zylan (Vic). For Practice Standards - Dr Christine Houghton (Chair), Yulia Onsman (Vice-Chair) (Tas), Dr Barry Draper (Vic), Chinthani Gallaga (NSW), Judy Jacka (Vic), Randa Karzon (Qld), Vicki Mortimer (NSW), Jane Nicholson (SA), Robert Provino (NSW), Amie Steel (Qld) and Hannah Sykes (ACT). These committees will begin in October with a view to the register being open for member applications by mid 2012.

ARONAH also did a detailed submission to the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council regarding Regulatory Options for Unregistered Health Practitioners. If you would like to read this go under Submissions, we are number 144.

ARONAH has recently published bound copies of the Lin report which will be sent to the federal and every State and Territory Health Minister to discuss with ARONAH delegates later in the year.

If you have any queries or concerns we encourage you to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ANPA AHMAC Submission