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Salvestrols and CYP1B1 – Nutrition and Cancer with Prof. Dan Burke

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1 month

Webinar Topics Covered

• What are Salvestrols?
• Role of CYP1B1
• Other CYP Enzymes – The Cytochrome P450 family and the EROD assay system
• Role of CYP1B1 in cancer cells
• A new type of anticancer drug
• How do Salvestrols work?
• Salvestrols – protection beyond antioxidants
• Bio-availablility
• Inhibitors
• Diagnostic assays – where are we?
• Reasons for Salvestrol Deficiency
• Salvestrols in the Diet


Professor Dan Burke PhD

Dan Burke, Emeritus Professor of Pharmaceutical Metabolism is an expert on the metabolism, toxicity and interaction of drugs, environmental chemicals and natural compounds. He specialises in the Cytochrome P450 enzyme system. Today, he is considered the father of the Cytochrome P450 enzyme system. He gained a rst in biochemistry from London University and a PhD in Drug Metabolism from the University of Surrey. Prof. Burke served on the faculty of the Aberdeen University medical school for nearly twenty years before becoming the Head of the School of Pharmacy at De Montfort University. During the 1970’s he invented the EROD (ethoxyresorun-O-deethylase) assays. They are the premier method used to quantify the activity of CYP enzymes. He has dedicated his career to cancer: its causes, detection, prevention and treatment. He has authored over 200 published research articles and presently is the head of research for Salvestrol Natural Products in England.


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