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If you are an ANPA member please visit often – use all the supports and links available to support your practice. If you are not yet an ANPA member, you are invited to visit our pages and discover why the ANPA is the premier association for naturopaths.

Run by Naturopaths for Naturopaths.

If you are a student, we are passionate about supporting you all the way through your studies to new graduate and beyond. Since 1975, the ANPA has uniquely only represented the naturopathic profession to governments, private health insurance funds, indemnity insurance companies, media and the public. We continually advocate for the important role naturopaths play in the community.

ANPA is a professional association for discerning Naturopaths in Australia. We are committed to quality health care for all Australians. Our association represents naturopaths who have received education in health sciences and traditional naturopathic medicine. Naturopaths in the ANPA are trained in a broad range of treatment modalities and utilise these in the holistic care of their patients.

Good governance in the ANPA ensures members are professional and fully qualified to practice naturopathy. The ANPA ensures that continuing professional education [CPE] is maintained, members maintain professional indemnity insurance, follow a code of ethics, and provides servicing of health funds and numerous additional benefits for members.

You are always welcome to make contact with the ANPA. We are not an umbrella organisation and naturopaths are our passion. Join us and assist in defining the naturopathic landscape in your community.

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