ANPA Professional Excellence Awards

2020 – Professional Excellence Award in Business

Janine Castle

ANPA member since 2002

In March 2019 the Gold Coast Detox and Rehab Services was created. As an entrepreneur naturopath, business designer, owner, and manager I started a unique business. There are a steady stream of clients seeking this special approach to alcohol and drug detoxification and rehabilitation. This unique model employs naturopathic and integrative medicine strategies with bespoke pharmacotherapy uniquely tailored to each clients’ specific needs. In addition, vitamins, minerals, herbs, nutritional advice, and other targeted supplements are included in the treatment plan. There are seven staff including one part-time doctor, two nurses (one is a nurse and a herbalist/naturopath) and six contracting staff offering massage, acupuncture and yoga several times a week. There is no other business model for addiction that offers a naturopathic treatment approach that operates as a high-end confidential service in a retreat style environment. This business model is the beginning of a bright future for naturopathic medicine. The model has already been replicated in Sydney. Sydney Detox and Rehab Services opened in July this year. The Sydney centre bought the rights to the unique business model.

This excellence award is well deserved and presented to a naturopath with business and clinical excellence.

The ANPA is pleased to congratulate our worthy winner.

2018 – Professional Excellence Award in Teaching

Michele Blondel

Michele has always striven to keep building the bridge that connects mainstream medicine & Naturopathy, Nutrition and Integrative medicine, although her love of nutrition & environmental medicine really started in her home garden in her native Normandy (France). Her own experience of ill-health from early childhood led to a particular interest in nourishing and restorative foods and herbs, culminating in writing the first ‘Food as Medicine’ course. She was eager to both educate & learn more about the environment of the ‘human garden’ – the gut microbes and their influence on the brain and body. Michele graduated from SSNT Melbourne in 1986 and continued to learn from many International & Australian health experts over 30 years private practice & over 24 years classroom education. Her professional journey has been one of an educator to clients & classroom with the ability to meet the level of each individual. She educates with passion, insight and humour to convey to future graduates science-based facts, while still inviting them to remain curious & questioning, and to always provide practical, feasible tools for each individual. She emphasises the need to empower & treat the whole person, not only the pathology.

2016 – Excellence in Community Education & Excellence in Naturopathic Business Development


Nirala Jacobi

Community Education was rekindled for Australian naturopaths at the first Australian Naturopathic Summit in August 2016. Nirala Jacobi identified a critical gap in the culture of naturopathy in Australia. The two day summit uniquely created a place for naturopaths to gather and re-ignite their passion for the profession. Nirala was nominated for the ANPA Community Education award for her initiative in catalysing this very important first Summit. This Summit delivered quality sharing by all presenters. This was the first independent event focused only on the naturopathic profession.

Nirala’s business acumen in delivering this worthy event achieves the ANPA Excellence in Business Development Award. The Summit was a transformative event that used novel ways of raising capital to finance the Summit. The innovative platform for crowd-funding was used initially. From idea to manifestation to ongoing networking via Facebook the three naturopath team of Nirala Jacobi, Rachel Arthur and Kathryn Simpson delivered an event beyond expectations. Nirala as a social entrepreneur visioned, dreamed and manifested the Australian Naturopathic Summit.

2016 – Excellence in Naturopathic Support

david-mclellandDavid McLelland

David McLelland has shown ongoing dedication and support of the naturopathic community. This community includes students as well as fellow practicing naturopaths. His involvement from the inception of the Gold Coast ANPA Chapter has been a shining example of giving back to our colleagues. This raises the standards and professionalism of naturopathy. He has volunteered his time and shared his knowledge and clinical skills. He has been committed and dedicated to the ongoing education and mentorship of naturopathic students and new graduates. His extensive experience continues to be highly valued and appreciated by the community of naturopaths in the Gold Coast area of Queensland.

2016 – Excellence in Naturopathic Support

Tanya-GoldieTanya Goldie

Tanya Goldie lives, breathes and practices the principles of naturopathy. Beyond being a shining example for upcoming naturopaths, she showed a keen interest with regular support, education and mentoring of students and new graduate naturopaths from the inception of the Gold Coast ANPA Chapter. Her many years of clinical experience has proven to be invaluable to those that attend meetings to learn share and raise the professionalism of naturopathic practice. Devotion to selfless support and mentoring is the greatest gift shared with upcoming new graduates of naturopathy as they enter the profession.

2016 – Excellence in Community Education

Suzi-Le-FanueSuzi Le Fanue

Suzi Le Fanue receives this worthy nomination for her dedication and efforts to provide ongoing education to the public. She strongly believes that educating the public is the best form of preventative medicine. She has successfully offered presentations and workshops in local cafes, health food stores and libraries. This is over and above running a busy clinic. She has appeared in magazines, newspapers, radio and has been a guest speaker at health retreats. Suzi also recognises the value of giving back to the profession. She regularly mentors new graduates entering the profession of naturopathy. In a period of 10 months she offered 12 educational workshops with an average of 50 attendees at each workshop. Many of these workshops were free to the public. Engaging the community is her passion.

2014 – Professional Excellence Award in Community Education

Rosemary Dunne Excellence Award Oct 2014

Rosemary Dunne

Rosemary Dunne graduated in 2004 with an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy. She has since gained the qualifications of the Bachelor of Complementary Medicine and Graduate Certificate in Health Professional Education. In 2012, Rosemary accepted the position of Course Coordinator for the Holmesglen Naturopathy Program. As education was the focus for Rosemary, she was well placed to assist ANPA with the recent review of the Health Training Package for Naturopathy. This project spanned two years. Rosemary’s devotion to this project was recently recognised with the Professional Excellence Award in Community Education at the recent ANPA AGM.

About ANPA Professional Excellence Awards

As clinicians, we are all contributors to the social greater good, but it is fair to say there are those who seem to step above the crowd and are outstanding in their endeavors. We want to reward these people, and ANPA does this through the Personal Excellence Awards.

Members to show your appreciation for services to the profession make your nominations from the categories below. Please take some time to read and consider the categories for nomination, and if you feel there is someone in your community who should be rewarded for their work, please put them forward for consideration.

We look forward to your submissions and thank you in advance for your contributions.

The categories for ANPA Professional Excellence are:

Excellence in Teaching Award

To encourage teaching excellence in naturopathy and recognise the contribution made by lecturers to the naturopathic profession. To be eligible, the lecturer needs to be teaching in a naturopathy course in either a private college or public university. Nominees do not have to be an ANPA member.

Community Education Award

To encourage community promotion of naturopathy and recognise the contribution made to the profession by practitioners who perform community promotion. All ANPA members are eligible for this award and only ANPA members can be nominated. Nominations can be made by ANPA members and non-members.

Excellence in Naturopathic Business Development

This award recognises the achievements of members in the field of naturopathic business development. Any ANPA member who has developed something new, original and entrepreneurial relating to naturopathy may be nominated. Examples may be some form of enterprise, which incorporates naturopathy, but is not necessarily focused on clinical practice or a new or innovative focus on clinical practice.