Student Bursaries

is pleased to offer 5 bursaries of $1000 dollars each.

AUSTRALIAN NATURALCARE supports ANPA students because of the significant contribution Naturopaths make in improving the health of Australians.

2019 Student Bursary Winners

Lee Bermingham
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Julie Forester
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Sophie Cutler
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Naturopathic advice and support is what our customers deserve to make informed decisions about their health and wellness. We employ three full time Naturopaths because they provide the backbone for our business.  We differentiate ourselves by the high quality service and support we offer our customers. Naturopaths uniquely provide legitimacy and reliable information so customers can be confident in making effective choices to achieve their individual heath goals.

It is important for companies like ours to invest in the next generation of Naturopaths.
This ensures that we are giving back and supporting the sustainability of the naturopathic profession.
Providing this support, we encourage the quest for naturopathic excellence and raise awareness for the naturopathic profession.

The ANPA is committed to the preservation of the legacy of naturopathy created at the turn of the century. Strong traditions must be kept alive to ensure the future of the naturopathic profession. Naturopathy students will contribute to this legacy by reading, writing, describing, clarifying and understanding the essential foundational concepts that are the core essence of how and why the profession of naturopathy is timeless.

Who can apply:

  • 3rd or 4th year students
  • Enrolled in a Bachelor of Naturopathy program at an accredited Australian educational institution
  • ANPA student members

Bursaries Closed for 2019

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