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The Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association is a democratic association that was established in 1975. We focus only on the issues that affect naturopaths. We strive for excellence, leadership and integrity in naturopathic health care. The ANPA supports members from the time they are naturopathy students, all the way through to graduation and beyond. Our mission is focused on providing the public the highest standard of naturopathic care from our members. Membership support is the priority of the ANPA. Our commitment is to the ongoing growth, sustainable development, communication, education, and good governance for our members and the profession. We are vigilant of the political environment and how it affects practitioners as well as the public. The media is also monitored for messaging that affects the profile and awareness of the naturopathic profession.

The ANPA committee is made up of naturopaths who understand your needs and concerns. We are in naturopathic practice like you. The ANPA actively encourages members to participate in the association.

The ANPA promotes and disseminates knowledge and understanding about Naturopathy to its members and the public at large.
The ANPA acknowledges the role and responsibility of setting standards of ethical behaviour expected of Naturopaths. The ANPA Code of Ethics provides a set of fundamental principles that guides members in their professional conduct. Adherence to the Code is mandatory for all practitioners belonging to the ANPA.

Naturopathy is based on philosophical principles set out by founding father of naturopathy Benedict Lust. These principles include: The healing power of nature, First do no harm, Treat the cause – not only the symptom, Education and Prevention.

The ANPA is the # 1 association for discerning naturopaths.

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