Marta Browne – President

Marta is an integrative naturopath and psychotherapist drawing on conventional and natural health sciences to assess, treat and offer preventative strategies for her clients. She enjoys working with a team that may include GP’s, specialists, physiotherapists, psychologists, dieticians and other health professionals. Marta uses herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle strategies in her clinic. Marta originally trained in microbiology and parasitology at the University of Queensland (UQ) and focused on tropical health. She also studied psychology (UQ) and practice management (UNE), before pursuing natural medicine through AIAS. Marta has a special interest in managing mental health relating to addiction, past trauma and violence, and has focused on providing holistic care for vulnerable women.  Marta plans to contribute to the efficient and smooth running of the ANPA with her extensive professional knowledge and administrative skills for the benefit of ANPA members.


Eta Brand – Immediate Past President

Eta Brand is the 2019 recipient of the highest award in ANPA – the Lifetime Award for outstanding contribution to the organisation. She completed her Bachelors of Naturopathy at Southern Cross University. She was fortunate to be an exchange student to Bastyr University, Seattle for 3 months in her final study year. Prior to studying Naturopathy she completed a degree in Public Health and was the Chancellors’ Medalist in her graduating year at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Eta is also a trained Medical Technologist. She has more than 30 years of experience internationally in diverse areas health. She has held positions in health marketing to clinical, research, pharmaceutical and environmental health and has taught nutrition and wholefood cooking for many years. Eta is passionate about minimising harm and raising the profile of naturopaths.She has been interviewed by the media and regularly comments on the issues for naturopaths. She lives in Nambour, QLD and is passionate about growing many herbs, edible and ornamental plants. She supports sustainable agriculture, community gardens and heritage seed savers. She links the traditional philosophy and art of naturopathy with current scientific evidence in her clinical practice. She participated on the first Natural Therapies Review Advisory Panel to the government. She is inspired by the wonder of the healing power of nature, traditional healing wisdom & culture, elders of the naturopathic profession who are mentors, the ingenuity of science, and her patients. Her interests include: music, movies, art, cooking, reading and yoga.

Amanda Owen – Vice President

I graduated from the Australian College of Natural Medicine (Camberwell) in 2003 and I’m passionate about the philosophy of naturopathy and the connection between mind and body.  I am also very interested in the sociology of health and illness and the impact political decisions and media coverage have on the perception of the naturopathic profession.  I look forward to a time when there is a greater recognition and understanding of our role in ‘dis-ease’ prevention, health education and the management of chronic conditions.  I’m passionate about diet, nutrition and herbal medicine and believe education is at the foundation of empowering individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices.  In my spare time I enjoy walking my dog, gardening and spending time with family and friends.


Maria Bergamin – Treasurer

I have been a member of the ANPA since 1996. In all these years their help has been invaluable to me. I keenly read their journals, e-letters and the web site is an excellent source of information also. This year I was keen to attend the AGM and was already thinking about what can I now offer back to my association. I’m still not sure what I can offer but my many years of naturopathic and homoeopathic work must account for something so here I am on the committee prepared to help where I can. I studied Naturopathy at The Australian College of Natural Medicine (Camberwell Campus) and graduated in 1996. I continued studies in homoeopathy and the Vega method of diagnosis. My main modality in clinic is homoeopathy. My passion is vibrational medicine as its ability in dealing with dis-ease is truly remarkable.I would dearly love to see a bigger focus on vibrational medicine and low potency homoeopathic prescribing in our industry and by being on the committee it may just be me who sees that this form of prescribing and treatment is brought out into the community more.


Theresa Stevenson – Secretary

I completed my Bachelor of Science (naturopathy) at Endeavour College of Natural Health in 2016. I joined ANPA as a student as I wanted to be involved with an association that was devoted purely to naturopaths and naturopathic issues. Prior to naturopathy, I had an accomplished career in retail management and this has given me the experience to operate my own clinical practice successfully.  My passions have always been involved in and around natural health and now I am privileged to be able to use my skills to help others with their health and life wellness through naturopathic principals and practices.

Luiza Lira Hayne – Student Representative

Luiza is a Naturopathy student at Endeavour College in Sydney. She is passionate about understanding the body-mind connection and its impact on health and disease. She joined ANPA in May 2018 as a student member and has been serving as a committee member since November of that same year. Luiza has also studied yoga, health coaching and reiki. Her professional background is in account and finance where she’s had over 15 years’ experience. On a personal level, Luiza loves experimenting with food, herbs (she loves the taste of them), learning new languages, experiencing different cultures, travelling, and meeting people.

patricia-oakleyPatricia Rae Oakley – Ordinary Member

Patricia graduated from the Australian College of Natural Medicine in Camberwell in 1997 with a Diploma of Naturopathy. Patricia has been an ANPA member since 1997. She enjoys working with people and has many years retail experience in health food stores. She also had a home based naturopathy practice. Patricia is excited to be supporting members in the ANPA office. She also participates as an ANPA committee member. As a new member of the admin team I know that I have many skills that will assist raising awareness for the profession. I like using vibrational therapies, herbal medicine, nutrition from foods and other targeted nutritional supplements. When I am not having fun in the ANPA office I like spending time with my four lovely grandchildren. I also enjoy travel, ancient temples, different healing methods, gardening, the beach, cooking and meditation.

Janet Haworth – Ordinary Member

Janet Haworth trained as a naturopath at Southern Cross University in Lismore and graduated with a Bachelor of Naturopathy in April 2003 after working as an RN since 1992.  Janet has a Graduate Diploma in Health as well as a Masters in Nursing.  After practicing in Brisbane, Darwin Janet took a break from practice and moved to the Sunshine Coast QLD after her son was born in 2008.  She then returned to naturopathic practice in 2016. Janet’s vision for naturopathy is that we are the first line health stop for individuals.  If we all went to naturopaths routinely we would certainly influence the chronic disease landscape substantially. Janet believes social change is required in order to change the belief system of ‘disease treatment’ to ‘disease prevention’.  This begins with us as individuals teaching society and other health professionals of our role in health management and disease prevention. Janet uses herbal and nutritional medicine, lifestyle counselling, flower essences, homeopathy and a Bio Impedance Analysis Machine for body composition analysis in her practice. Janet loves nature and tries to get out amongst it as often as possible by going camping.  She is an active member of the community, and you will often find her at the farmers market or at the gym.

Alexandra Preston – Ordinary Member

Alexandra Preston is a degree-qualified naturopath on the Gold Coast.  She has always been passionate about healing and soon learnt the power of natural healing modalities such as naturopathy.  ​She sees clients with a range of health issues, however her biggest interests as a naturopath are anti-aging and longevity, and health issues related to fatigue, weight and female reproductive health. She wants to help promote Naturopathy as an effective system of healthcare and preserve our unique traditions.

Debbie Lam – Ordinary Member

Debbie graduated from the Australasian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT) in April 2016, with Advanced Diplomas in Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine and Western Herbal Medicine. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from the University of Sydney. Stemming from personal experience, Debbie has a particular interest in atopy (hyper allergic conditions) and skin conditions including eczema and acne. She is intrigued by the connection between mental and physical health and enjoys the process of listening to, and working, with clients. She is enthusiastic about food, particularly the eating part, and is very happy nosing around produce markets and experimenting with ingredients. Debbie has lived in South East Asia for nearly ten years and experienced distance running, dragon boat racing, scuba diving and plenty of amazing South East Asian cuisine.  In Australia, Debbie has been employed in both the private and public sectors. Her work experience has given her the confidence to represent herself and the ANPA as necessary and successfully deliver on projects. Debbie is currently establishing her business/practice so hopes to be a voice for other ANPA graduates who are at this stage of their career.

Linda-Mandelt Linda Mandelt – ANPA Administration

I have been the ANPA administrator for the past ten years. I work with the ANPA committee, the general membership as well as the public. I like communicating with the people and enjoy my work supporting the ANPA association. I maintain and oversee the day to day functions and smooth running of the ANPA office. I am in the office three days of the week and am kept very busy. I cover a range of tasks some of which include: answering emails and telephone calls, maintaining ANPA membership records, preparing regular submissions to health insurance companies, ANPA bookkeeping and banking, enrolling new members, preparing and distributing committee reports for meetings, taking minutes, preparing mailings and liasing with advertisers.