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Available to Full Members and New Graduate Members only.

How to Join

Welcome to ANPA! Thank you for choosing our association.

ANPA has seven membership categories. All applications are subject to committee approval. To find out more about making the application please select the membership category and an application form can be downloaded. If you prefer the application form mailed to you please contact the ANPA office.

If you have any further questions about ANPA memberships contact the office: or call 1800 422 885

The ANPA office is open Monday to Friday.

A. Student Member

A student naturopath currently enrolled in a Naturopathy training program from an accredited school or university within Australia.

The following Approved Education Providers offer ANPA approved programs.

Membership is subject to committee approval.

No voting rights, but enjoy all other membership benefits.

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B. Full Member (New Graduate)

This member holds a minimum of a Bachelor Degree from an accredited school or university within Australia and has also met the ANPA requirements for online vs on-campus study.

This applicant must be qualified within one year of making this application. The following Approved Education Providers offer ANPA approved programs.

Special Fee reductions and pro-rata adjustments are available to assist financially in the first year of setting up practice.

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C. Full Member

A naturopath who is recognised by the ANPA as a fully qualified practitioner is defined as a person trained in the philosophies, principles and practice of naturopathy and medical sciences and core modalities of nutritional medicine, Western herbal medicine, homoeopathy, dietary and lifestyle advice and tactile therapies. Additional modalities may be offered by some naturopaths.

Naturopaths are able to assess the condition of a patient and to consequently prescribe and dispense appropriate treatments and remedies in a safe and effective manner.

This member holds a minimum of a Bachelor Degree from an accredited school or university within Australia and has also met the ANPA requirements for online vs on-campus study. The following Approved Education Providers offer ANPA approved programs. Membership is subject to approval by ANPA committee. A full member accesses all benefits, including voting rights.

Grandparenting Clause
Naturopaths who have a pre-bachelor qualification completed prior to the end of the teach-out period who can provide evidence of continuous full membership with a professional association are eligible to apply.

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D. Associate Member

This membership category is offered to allied health professionals who are not naturopaths such as nurses, osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists etc. and affiliated organisations (eg. Corporate sponsors, education providers, distributors, etc.).

The ANPA does not advocate for this group of health care professionals and affiliated organisations in any professional capacity. Associate members have access to most benefits of full membership.

This member has no voting rights.

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E. Secondary Member

This membership category is specially made available to any naturopath that is a current primary member of another professional association. They have access to website, e-Newsletter, and other benefits.

This member has no voting rights.
*some conditions apply.

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F. Tertiary Member

Non-practicing and retired members. These members may be non-practicing because of ill health, pregnancy, or may have left practice, but continue to enjoy supporting the ANPA.

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G. Fellowship Member

This naturopath has been a full ANPA member for 10 years or more and has practiced continually for 15 years as a naturopath. In addition, this member has made a significant contribution to the profession, naturopathic research and education, or the ANPA association, its committee and its vision.

The candidate may possess or be in the process of acquiring a higher degree in naturopathy or a related health science area.

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H. International Member

This level of membership meets the educational criteria for qualification as a naturopath overseas, as well as the competency standards for naturopathy in Australia.

These members do not practice in Australia unless meeting the criteria for full membership status of the ANPA.

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Benefits of Joining

The ANPA is involved and engaged on behalf of its members:

Making sure our diverse voices are heard creating a cohesive and visionary future for naturopaths in Australia.

Full Membership Support:

Naturopaths supporting naturopaths in achieving success.

New Graduate Support:

ANPA understands the challenges and the crucial role we can play in assisting new naturopaths thrive and succeed in practice.

Student Support:

Wherever students choose to study we want to encourage and support their endeavours by acknowledging that student naturopaths have different needs from naturopaths in practice. We recognise financial assistance is always welcomed by students and ANPA offers bursaries at various educational providers. Our e-newsletter has a section devoted to the issues and needs of students across the country.  We aim to have a platform for student voices to be heard by the ANPA committee.

Competitively Priced Professional Indemnity Insurance:

Fenton Green & Co Insurance offers our members Professional Indemnity Insurance.

CPE Program:

Continuing education is essential in a field that is growing and changing.

Clinical Observation or Supervision:

Experienced naturopaths available across the country.

Local ANPA Chapters:

Opportunities for networking, case sharing, education and important collegial support.


Communication between professionals and the ANPA via a state-of-the-art  Website and E-Newsletter with options for the public to access practitioners across the county.

Regular Updates:

Keeping practitioners informed and up to date on issues affecting naturopaths.

Discussion Board:

Online forum to assist practitioners in staying in touch, reducing isolation for remote practitioners, as well as allowing for more experienced practitioners to offer support and opportunity to discuss contemporary issues affecting the profession.

Business Support:

Successful naturopathic practice requires business skills – the ANPA is planning to offer ongoing education and information to support this important area.

Support for the Registration of Naturopaths:

ANPA is on the steering committee for the Australian Register of Naturopaths and Herbalists (ARONAH).

Annual Practitioner Excellence Awards:

The ANPA believes in encouraging practitioners’ to actively work towards ongoing professional development. In recognition of this, the ANPA has developed these awards to acknowledge those who contribute to the development and promotion of the naturopathic profession.

Political representation at all levels of government:

The ANPA is a member of the Federation of Natural and Traditional Therapists (FNTT). Through this membership the ANPA has been proactive in the development of the Schedule 1 listing and TGA exemption certificates for practitioners and the Health Training Package (minimum education standards for complementary therapies). The ANPA continues to lobby the government, meet with Health Insurance companies and other relevant organisations to further the professionalization of naturopaths.

Clinic Support:

Stationary packs, receipt books, remedy labels.
Reduced fees to attend ANPA educational training webinars and workshops.