FULL MEMBER INTERVIEW – Joanne Murphy (continued)

What motivated you to become a Naturopath?
I spent a lot of my adult life unsure of what I’d like to do and what career I’d like to have. I could never single out exactly where I would see myself. The Naturopathic principles really resonate with me: I never want to do any harm to anyone, I want to help people gently and watch them become happier and healthier. I was one of those people that sought out a Naturopath for help, emotionally and physically. In today’s society, the public are confused by what the media tells them about their health, educating people about foods and diets that may be completely wrong for them. I feel privileged to have joined an industry that helps re-educate individuals, to clear the confusion about what being and eating healthy is.

What modalities do you plan to use in your practice?
I really enjoy iridology, and relaxation massage, and I have recently completed some manual lymphatic drainage training. I’m hoping to use every part of what I’ve learnt at school in my clinic.

Do you have a vision for Naturopathy in Australia?
I would absolutely love Naturopathy to be recognised more by healthcare providers; we could help so many people if we were understood more.

What are your interests besides Naturopathy?
I love spending my days doing family adventures with my beautiful husband and boys, aged eight and three. I also love yoga, and exercise as much as I can. Sadly, I don’t have much spare time for exercise. I’m also a bit of a geek and love to play video games.