FULL MEMBER INTERVIEW – Loretta Bryson (continued)

FULL MEMBER INTERVIEW – Loretta Bryson (continued)

What motivated you to become a naturopath?
I have always felt drawn to natural medicine. I have worked in health prior to pursuing naturopathic studies, first as a dental assistant, and then a brief period in nursing. I’ve always felt that natural and allopathic medicine complement each other. The balance between the two approaches is dynamic  depending on the needs of a person at any given time. I am interested in how foods affect general well-being. On a deeper level, how nutrition, environment, and other factors affect health conditions for example autism. My interest then fuelled my fire to undertake more formal training. I started a psychology degree but decided I would have more impact as a naturopath. Naturopathy won out for now. I haven’t completely dismissed returning to psychological studies in the future. Both have relevance. I realise that as a health practitioner I will be an eternal student. I have also recently become a certified GAPS Practitioner, and am looking forward to incorporating GAPS into my practice.

What modalities do you use in your practice? Have they changed over time?
I like to use Herbal Medicine; Nutritional Medicine; Flower Essence Remedies; Diet and Lifestyle, especially for the management of stress and anxiety; Homeopathy (acute prescribing only) and relaxation massage. I have other qualifications in Meditation, Holistic Counselling and Reiki and intend to utilise these therapies as well. Time will tell as to which new modalities I incorporate.

Do you have a vision for naturopathy in Australia?
It is my sincere hope that there will always be a place for naturopathy in Australia, and that the profession is held in high esteem and considered valid. Greater public awareness and understanding of what naturopathy involves and how effective it can be is crucial to this.

What are your interests besides naturopathy?
I love to research. At the moment, I am particularly interested in essential oils and what benefits they may have. Apart from this, I am into art and am trying my hand at painting, mosaics, and jewellery making. I love to create.

What words of wisdom would you share with a new graduate naturopath?
As a newbie, I’d say follow your heart. Listen to yourself and find your niche. If you don’t know what your niche is, that’s ok, because life has a way of showing you what your path is. Be open and learn all you can. It can take time to find your feet, which is what I am doing at the moment. It is a little scary but also very exciting. Also, find a practitioner that you look up to and who is willing to mentor you, to help you transition into professional life as a Naturopath.