STUDENT MEMBER INTERVIEW – Claire Wright (continued)

What are the aspects of your study that you enjoy?
So many aspects, but specifically I enjoy responding to case studies, developing a protocol and seeing positive results from clients in student clinic.

What aspects of your study could you see improved?
More hours of supervision in student clinic. Getting experience with clients is the best way to be able to understand them and see what we can do to help people who are experiencing real problems. I also think expanding the program to include something like a one-year internship (similar to that in Pharmacy) would be beneficial to help us bridge from student to professional.

What have you discovered that you weren’t aware of before you started your studies?
I was amazed at how much chemistry and biology create a solid foundation for what we do and why we do it.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Running my own clinic that creates a really powerful positive change in people’s lives. I am passionate about rising people’s vibration and consciousness. I would love to work in a clinic with other healers from other modalities to create a whole picture, as having one space for a person to come to would be very beneficial for the client. I want to decrease all the misinformation out there, and give people the chance to be truly educated and empowered about their health journey.

Do you have any special interest areas?
Skin disorders, digestive disorders (I love learning about the microbiome) and mental health.

Any comments about registration for naturopaths?
We deserve to be recognised and equal to other professions that have registration.

Why did you become an ANPA student member?
I wanted to join an association that strongly supports us in what we do. I saw so many amazing opportunities from this association and wanted to be part of a community.

Are you involved in an ANPA Chapter?
Yes, the Gold Coast/Brisbane Chapter.

Any tips for survival with a demanding study load and often working to pay your way through the program?
Time management with studying and working is a must, but also making sure your life is balanced can help with the demands of it all.