STUDENT MEMBER INTERVIEW – Olivier François (continued)

STUDENT MEMBER INTERVIEW – Olivier François (continued)

What are the aspects of your study that you enjoy?
The fact that I can relate everything I learn to my children, my wife and myself. Within one semester of learning herbal medicine and manufacturing, I was able to get my daughter’s chronic atopic eczema under control with a topical cream for the skin and a herbal decoction to treat the underlying causes. She has had eczema since birth and my wife tried a lot of conventional products that didn’t stop the recurrence. I have been following her for close to six months and the results are very positive.

What have you discovered that you weren’t aware of before you started your studies?
How industrialisation has shaped modern health and nutrition; the mechanisms of action of herbal medicine; and how simple health is.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?
I see myself having my own practice and getting involved in my community to raise awareness regarding health.

Do you have any special interest areas?
As a man, I am concerned with men’s health and want to increase awareness among men because we tend to overestimate our health. I am also interested in paediatrics, promoting a holistic approach in children’s health. “Docere”, the practitioner as a teacher, is one principle that I value, because I have young children at home and what we teach them at a young age will set their own foundation.

Any comments about registration for Naturopaths?
To be honest, I am still confused with Australian Legislation towards Naturopathy, especially when considering the progression worldwide. I hope by the time I finish my degree, there will be some changes and acceptance toward well-trained Naturopaths.

Why did you become an ANPA student member?
To get the support while studying from professionals with expertise, so that I set myself up by the time I finish my degree and also to remain up to date with the practice.

Any tips for survival with a demanding study load and often working to pay your way through the program?
Keep a holistic view, i.e. look at what you want to achieve; time management; focus; confidence and enjoying what you are doing are essential tips.