UPDATE: VIC – Stage 4 Restrictions & Guidelines

Thank you for your patience while we collate the most accurate and up to date information for you regarding the developing situation in Melbourne and Victoria.

According to business.vic.gov.au (phone 13 22 15) a naturopath can see a client face-to-face if it’s an URGENT situation, otherwise a Telehealth consult needs to be conducted. This regulation applies to stage 4 restrictions in the Melbourne metro area only – naturopaths in other parts of Victoria are able to continue practice as per the last few months with additional measures to minimise risk of exposure.

What constitutes urgent is left to the discretion of each practitioner, however the ANPA urges each member to take a common sense approach and utilise the Telehealth options that you have no doubt used over the past few months.

It is important to keep clients informed as well, so you may appreciate a template that can be used for confirmation texts or emails.  This template clearly indicates the date, time, location and practitioner, as well as instructing what clients should do if they have any symptoms.

In Clinic:
APPOINTMENT REMINDER: Your next appointment is on <Day> <Date> at <Time> in <Location> with <Practitioner>. Please wear a face mask and use the hand sanitiser provided.  If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, do not attend – call <Number> for further advice.


APPOINTMENT REMINDER: Your next appointment is on <Day> <Date> at <Time> via <Software> with <Practitioner>. Please ensure you are in an area that affords you privacy and you have adequate internet / power supply for your consultation to run smoothly.

The ANPA has been in contact with various departments of the Victorian government and has been working to clarify the directives, especially the position of naturopaths as unregistered health providers.

We will continue to keep you informed if there are further developments and wish you all the best to stay well during trying times.