The HCC’s powers are established by the Health Complaints Act 2016 (the Act).  Section 132 of the Act requires that the HCC develop a set of standards to be met by health service providers in handling complaints.  The standards must address:

  1. The provision of information regarding the making of complaints in an accessible form
  2. The acknowledgement of complaints in a prompt manner
  3. The requirements to resolve complaints promptly
  4. Keeping the complainant informed about the handling of relevant complaint
  5. Advising each complainant of the outcome of the relevant complaint
  6. Keeping personal information confidential
  7. Keeping records of all complaints, complaint handling and outcomes
  8. Any other matters for or with respect to the handling of complaints about health service providers

The HCC is required to prepare the complaint handling standards by 31 January 2019.

ANPA’s contribution was welcomed, together with various other health organisations’ input as to their handling of complaints and what worked for them.

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