AGM 2020 (continued)

The Governance of the ANPA continues to be in good hands as there are four extremely capable members on the Executive. For those who don’t know me, I have been an ANPA member since 2003, and an active member on the committee since 2017. This year we welcome Debbie Lam as Secretary for the ANPA. She has been a committee member for a few years now. I look forward to her joining the executive together with Maria Bergamin (Treasurer) and Executive support from Eta Brand who has extensive experience and unsurpassable knowledge. In addition, the general committee members are all re-nominated. This means ANPA remains in a strong position to continue working on behalf of you.

Your ANPA committee is a team of dedicated and hard working professionals. We all volunteer our time toward our common passion for naturopathy advocating and protecting the art of naturopathy being informed by the science. The ANPA open door policy remains. Make contact if you have any good news you want to share or constructive feedback. We invite any aspiring committee members to make an application to join the committee.

Wishing all members a great year ahead.  Keeping the light of naturopathy burning bright!

Proceedings of the 2020 AGM here