• Schedule your week, including when you watch each lecture, even if you can’t make the live broadcast.
  • If you can, watch the Zoom on one device and use another to take notes (or just pen and paper!). Even if you watch it on your phone, this allows for a more authentic classroom experience.
  • Form online study groups, with other students doing the same subjects and bounce ideas off each other when discussing assignments and course content. We all hear things differently and it can be very helpful to get other people’s views.
  • Schedule revision time. Just as important as watching the lectures is revisiting the content again to reaffirm the knowledge in your mind. Different people like different ways of revising:
    • Writing a summary
    • Drawing up a mind map
    • Creating online quizlets
    • Making cards with herbs
    • Excel spreadsheets with all the facts and info

In the beginning of the semester, plan all the assignments in an Excel spreadsheet so you can see when they are due and how long you think they might take. This gives you a weekly  overview of your workload.

With a weekly schedule for your lectures and your revision time for each subject, as well as an assignment schedule for the semester, you will be set up for a successful semester. If you are in Melbourne, make sure you catch up with your friends over a good cup of tea on FaceTime for some social interaction. GOOD LUCK and stay safe!