COMMUNICATION: To Kathleen Daniel, Endeavour

Dear Kathleen,

Thank you for including the ANPA in the important decision making regarding the quality of education for naturopathy students.   We want to encourage and support students learning the reality of current pandemic conditions and how to continue to deliver important naturopathic care – this includes TeleHealth.

The ANPA encourages that students have many opportunities to understand, experience and offer virtual health care.   Today many naturopathic clinics are 100% virtual, or a mix of virtual and face-to-face delivery.  These virtual consultations are essential in a learning environment and within a set of guidelines that ensure safety and confidentiality for the client.   This continues to include referral to a medical practitioner if a physical examination is required and the practitioner is not able to offer this service.

We are interested to know how students will be able to catch up and not be penalised in completing their studies when during the pandemic face-to-face supervised clinic experience has not been available?

Thank you again for making contact on this important issue for students.

Kind regards,

Marta Browne

BSc (Micro/Para) BA (Psych) GradDip (Psych) Dip (Mgt) AdvDip (Nat) CD

ANPA President