COMMUNICATION: To Mr Payne, Endeavour

Dear Mr Payne,

I’m writing in support of one of the Endeavour College of Natural Health students, <SG*>, who has contacted you recently regarding her concerns with the plan to shift all theory classes to online delivery only.

<SG> has raised a number of valid concerns regarding the planned change and how they affect various groups.  As someone who started her first degree in 1997, I can attest that university student life is a time like no other and its value cannot be underestimated!

Until recently, the ANPA had accepted a mixed model of delivery with up to half of a course delivered online and half on campus.  The ANPA recognises that online delivery is a wonderful development for many students who would otherwise be excluded from tertiary education, but that balance is essential to both the social and academic aspects of the university experience.

Recent months have, of course, necessitated a review of these policies to ensure that students would not be unduly negatively impacted by the remote learning requirements in response to the health crisis.  As we have no clear and definitive idea of what the government guidelines and directives will be for the next six to twelve months, we are focused on the need to be flexible at this time.

Ideally, the ANPA would like to see educational institutions continue to provide a mixed model of delivery in the long term so that every student has the opportunity to achieve their educational goals. The ANPA would strongly discourage institutions from continuing to offer online-only as the sole option beyond the time of necessary remote learning.

While allowing for flexibility at this time is important, as the next semester or even year may require it, however after this period of flexibility has concluded, a return to a mixed model may be the most appropriate and would be strongly encouraged by the ANPA.

I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

Kind regards,


Marta Browne

BSc (Micro/Para) BA (Psych) GradDip (Psych) Dip (Mgt) AdvDip (Nat) CD

ANPA President

* Name redacted for privacy.