FULL MEMBER INTERVIEW with Georgia Marrion (continued)

FULL MEMBER INTERVIEW with Georgia Marrion (continued)

What motivated you to become a naturopath?

In my early 20’s I visited my first Health Retreat, and it was such a life-changing experience seeing how good I could feel with making some lifestyle changes that I was inspired to help others achieve their own health goals using naturopathic and nutritional medicine.

Is this still the same nowadays as compared to when you first began?

It’s a lot trendier to be in this area now compared to when I started! Also there is much more research in certain areas validating basic naturopathic principles so that’s so exciting to see that.

What modalities do you use in your practice? Have they changed over time? 

Naturopathy and Nutrition. The modalities haven’t changed but my specific treatment approaches and protocols have changed over time as my knowledge increases every day.

Do you have a vision for Naturopathy in Australia? 

I think the profession needs to be regulated. I support registration as I feel it’s a necessary step to become a stronger profession that is recognised more fully by the public and other health professions.

What are your interests besides Naturopathy? 

Exercise, meditation, whole-food cooking, raising my kids, technical nutrition writing, learning!

What words of wisdom would you share with a new graduate Naturopath?

Always keep learning, never think you know everything – there is always something new and interesting to learn in the area of Naturopathy and nutrition. Also trust your own wisdom and intuition with what is right for your own health and when treating others.