STUDENT MEMBER INTERVIEW with Suzanna Toogood (continued)

STUDENT MEMBER INTERVIEW with Suzanna Toogood (continued)

What are the aspects of your study that you enjoy? 

I find naturopathy completely absorbing and I love that I can immediately put the skills I am learning into practice in my own life. The course content helps me to reach my own optimal state of health while balancing the stress of studying, and also to make helpful suggestions to family and friends regarding their health. I love that our college is small and that you can form stronger, more supportive relationships with lecturers because they will often teach you in several different subjects over the course of your degree.

What aspects of your study could you see improved?

Unfortunately, our college facilities are limited in regards to private study areas, school resources and practical equipment.

What have you discovered that you weren’t aware of before you started your studies?

I have always been very interested in nutrition and the restorative benefits of practicing yoga. However, I have become increasingly inspired by learning about herbs and energetic principles since the commencement of my studies.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? 

Being 30 years of age, I feel that I am at a crossroads in my life. I would like to have children but I also want to finish my degree. I have been completely inspired by the other students that I have met on campus who are mothers of young children, balancing study and parenting, some who are single parents and work. They make me believe that I can have both.

Do you have any special interest areas?

At this stage, nutrition has remained a primary focus for me as I believe it is fundamentally important as a therapeutic tool for health and wellbeing.

Any comments about registration for naturopaths?

I think it would be excellent to see registration for naturopaths as this would constitute recognition of our health science while promoting excellence and public safety. It would be a step toward integration and could pave the way towards the placement of Naturopaths in community hospitals, potentially within my lifetime.

Any tips for survival with a demanding study load and often working to pay your way through the program?  

Give yourself credit for being in a minority group who actually gets to attend University. Be kind to yourself. Sitting in the sun for 10 minutes is worth the minor loss of productivity.