NEW WEBINAR: Lindlahr 101 Applying the ‘Genius of Naturopathy’ to Clinical Cases and Treatment

Lindlahr 101: Applying the ‘Genius of Naturopathy’ to Clinical Cases and Treatment” with Dr Leslie Cisar ND

Henry Lindlahr (1862-1924) was one of the founding fathers of naturopathy. He treated tens of thousands of patients in Chicago, USA. His vast clinical experience gave him the ability to articulate the genius of naturopathy. His observations and legacy are as relevant today as they were more than one hundred years ago. Today many naturopaths yearn to understand how to be linked back to the timeless art and tradition of naturopathy. Dr Leslie Cisar is passionate about sharing how to incorporate Lindlahrs’ timeless naturopathic wisdom into your ‘naturopathic thinking’ and clinical practice. She maintains that the naturopathic principles observed and recorded by Lindlahr articulate the nature of health and disease better than any other system of medicine. These naturopathic principles provide a repeatable road map to the restoration of health.

Attend this webinar and discover:
• The unique naturopathic approach to health prevention and renewal.
• What sets naturopathy apart from other systems of medicine and healing.
• Essential naturopathic philosophy
• Tools to approach patient cases
• If a patient is restoring health or palliating symptoms
• How to market your unique value, approach and method as a naturopath
Who should attend: Naturopaths and naturopathy students.

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