COVID Related Smell Loss with Dr E. Joy Bowles


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Alteration or loss of the sense of smell and/or taste occurs in about 50% of people who have symptoms of COVID, and it is one of the symptoms of COVID that often persists after the acute infection is over.

Part One – COVID-related smell loss: what goes wrong?
Part Two – COVID-related smell loss: how can aromatherapy help?

In these two webinars, Dr Bowles will explore what goes wrong with the anatomy and physiology of olfaction and the trigeminal nerve during COVID, and then she will summarise the research on aromatherapy and olfactory stimulation to help improve the sense of smell and help manage the
psycho-emotional aspects of COVID.

Attendees will gain knowledge of:

• a simple method for evaluating the extent of the smell loss
• which types of essential oils stimulate the trigeminal nerve
• an aromatherapy regime for helping with smell loss
• how to use aromatherapy to help with psycho-emotional issues related to COVID

Length of webinars:

2 x 1 hour webinars with half an hour for questions after each session.

Joy Bowles is a gifted and entertaining speaker, published author and international presenter. She developed the first course in essential oil chemistry in Australia and completed her doctorate on the effects of essential oils on cognitive function in dementia. Dr Bowles is part of ARQAT, a global network of researchers developing quality appraisal guidelines for aromatherapy research, and also teaches AromaScience at the Tisserand Institute.

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