STUDENT MEMBER INTERVIEW – Julie Forrester (continued)

STUDENT MEMBER INTERVIEW – Julie Forrester (continued)

What aspects of your study could you see improved?

More hours in the day? Some way of plugging me into the matrix, so that I can download more information faster? No, the only real change would be to make the degree longer to fit it all in, but I don’t think that is realistic.

What have you discovered that you weren’t aware of before you started your studies?

Just HOW amazing herbs are!

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? 

Maybe research, in the UK practicing for a year, or maybe selling the amazing pain and inflammation cream I’ve developed? There are so many options, and I change my mind every day.

Do you have any special interest areas?

All of the above, but I love the idea of research. I want to help middle-aged and older people to avoid or reduce symptoms of lifestyle diseases like Type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and dementia.

Any comments about registration for Naturopaths?

I’m all for it! I would like to see the degree I’m doing being recognised, as well as all those wonderful Naturopaths that have been helping people for years with valuable clinical knowledge. It makes sense that we have a standard that is recognised, with clear guidelines to help recognise the high standards some practitioners have achieved.

Any tips for survival with a demanding study load and often working to pay your way through the program?  

Meditation and really paying attention to study-life balance. Having a good chat to friends and family about when you ‘are’ and ‘aren’t’ available is also a good way to take some pressure off.  Lastly, acknowledge that housework is not as important as it used to be!