Vitality Days (continued)

Vitality Days (continued)

Patricia shared her experience in Melbourne:

There wasn’t much activity until 11am, when naturopathic students began to arrive, but it became busy when breaks were on. The Myotherapist associations were well represented with two associations, each with tables close to ANPA, along with a dry needling company. A lot of the students are including myotherapy in their electives, and the dry needling company’s needles are used in student clinic. Other reps included Integria, Bioceuticals, Obourne, Optimal RX, Metagenics, Biomedica and PPC (Pharmaceutical Plant Company).

I took the train into the city, as I only had a small sign for the table, flowers from the station and a small vase for them. There were always compliments about the fresh flowers. Many students signed up and I caught up with two ANPA student members who had signed up last year. Lunch was plentiful and healthy: fruit, veggies, falafel, dips, sandwiches and wraps. I found one of Oborne’s best selling books on their table plus a new product to use. I learned the difference between dry needling and acupuncture (one works on the nervous system and the other the meridians). I noticed some ANPA members had recently studied for a diploma in dry needling.

The Lucky Door Prize Winners from the Endeavour Vitality Days were:

  • Esther Galvin (Melbourne)
  • Kylee Honnery (Sydney)
  • Shanna Flesser (Brisbane)
Terri Stevenson (ANPA Committee Member) – Gold Coast Vitality Day
Marianne Fernance – Brisbane Vitality Day
Debbie Lam (ANPA Committee Member) – Sydney Vitality Day