STUDENT MEMBER INTERVIEW – Karina Ruiz Serkovic (continued)

What are the aspects of your study that you enjoy?
What I enjoy about Naturopathy is that it has given me the opportunity to integrate a healthy and balanced diet, alongside herbal medicine, for the prevention and treatment of disease from the cause, treating the client as a whole in body, mind and spirit. We have clinical practicums, which give us the opportunity to put in practice what we have learnt with real clients, but always under supervision of experienced naturopaths.

What aspects of your study could you see improved?
I think working and studying plus family commitments puts some pressure over my shoulders and I know I’m not the only one. Attending classes on campus is a big challenge sometimes, and not having the subjects online makes things difficult. I understand and agree that some subjects need to be face to face, but probably having “times” during the night or weekends would make things a little easier.

What have you discovered that you weren’t aware of before you started your studies?
I was not aware of all the research and evidence-based practice that natural medicine has nowadays here and all over the world. Australia is one of the leading countries in research of natural therapies, and I am glad I have chosen to study Naturopathy and be able to integrate both systems of medicine.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
In 5 years time, I see myself working with a multidisciplinary team of health practitioners, such as holistic GPs, acupuncturists, nutritional and environmental practitioners, etc.  and being able to practice integrative medicine for the wellbeing of the patient.

Do you have any special interest areas?
At the moment I don’t have any particular interests, but the endocrine system, women’s health and fertility are some areas I am passionate about. Doing research is another thing that interests me, and nutritional therapy in chronic diseases can be fascinating too.

Why did you become an ANPA student member?
I became an ANPA student member to be in contact with and learn from other naturopaths. ANPA has ongoing webinars and seminars that uplift our knowledge, and also offers to do clinical observation and supervision under the guidance of experienced naturopaths.

Any tips for survival with a demanding study load and often working to pay your way through the program?
Do not procrastinate! I think getting organised and planning ahead of time has helped me get through my studies in busy times such as work or family commitments. It is not easy, and takes time to build the study and assignments rhythm.