Self-Publishing for Holistic Health with Alexandra Preston


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Want to write a book or e-book, but don’t know where to start?

Watch this webinar and gain confidence in how to self-publish a book or smaller e-books as well as workshop resources.

The webinar covers:

  • Choosing your topic, content, style, and tone
  • Picking your target audience
  • Writing your personal message
  • Editing and design
  • Finding resources
  • Marketing approaches to sell your book
  • The benefits of self-publishing vs working with a traditional publishing house
  • Common pitfalls of services such as Amazon Kindle and Lulu that are not readily apparent
  • What could affect your rights to sell your book?

Viewers will gain knowledge of:

  • Processes to self-publish a book from a collection of notes to a finished product.
  • Getting the most out of self-publishing services using Lulu and Amazon Kindle.

Alexandra Preston BHSc (Naturopathy) is a naturopath with expertise as a writer and content creator for natural health businesses. She writes for websites, blogs, social media and e-newsletters, always aiming to provide evidence-based information in ways that those new to natural health can understand. The best resources are those that current and future clients can use alongside one-on-one support to take charge of their health. In both clinical practice and her work as a writer, her special areas of interest are longevity promotion and women’s health. Alexandra successfully self-published her book Infla-Menses to help women with menstrual problems brought on by chronic inflammation. The creation and development of this book ignited Alexandra’s passion to share the valuable publishing pearls she learnt and especially the pitfalls along the way.


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