Prevention and Treatment of Vaccine Reactions: Naturopathic Approaches with Tanya Goldie


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Many families seek assistance from Naturopaths to prevent and treat adverse reactions to vaccines. Conicting information abounds. There are a range of naturopathic treatment options that have supported many clients with good effect. This webinar will share this knowledge and expertise.

Tanya Goldie, an experienced Naturopath, will share these naturopathic options. These include specic probiotics, homeopathic remedies, nutrients and herbs, as well as some easy home remedies. The webinar will also cover how to recognise the signs and symptoms of vaccine injuries and adverse reactions. The webinar will also include how to make connections to other professional networks that support the patient comprehensively in areas that are outside the scope of naturopathy practice. An integrated approach is recommended to get the best results for patients. A series of case studies will also be shared.

Attendees will gain knowledge about:

• Who is most at risk of vaccine injury
• Preventative approaches and treatment strategies
• Acute and chronic treatment protocols

Who should attend:

• Naturopaths treating children and families
• Other natural health practitioners in collaborative or integrative settings

All health practitioners welcome.
Webinar will be recorded if you cannot attend in person.

Tanya Goldie

Tanya Goldie has a successful naturopathic clinic on the Gold Coast. She has 27 years of professional naturopathic experience. Her speciality is the naturopathic care of babies and children. In her practice, she uses a variety of holistic modalities with a track record of successfully treating and reversing vaccine injuries. She treats both children and adults. Tanya has a unique understanding from her experience as to why some babies are affected more than others. Importantly, because of her experience and seeing vaccine damage over the years, she has developed these naturopathic preventative approaches. First doing no harm is a strong naturopathic value she brings to her practice. Tanya has also been a mother for 18 years.

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